...We just cut up our girlfriend with a chainsaw. Does that sound "fine"?
I may have topped myself with this post. Yor is so much trashy fun just thinkin' about it makes me wanna watch it again.

Yor is played by Reb Brown and he is one of the cheesiest action heroes this galaxy has ever laid eyes on. It all starts off with a little prehistoric action (dinosaurs) and then takes a hard left halfway through to morph into a Star Wars rip-off with a spaceship full of Darth Vaders. Fuck yeah!Another great aspect is the theme song and I demand you listen now! So ridiculous. Damn, I need to get me a copy of that soundtrack.

Here's the original TV spot that manages to sum it all up in 34 seconds:

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Anonymous L1F3 said...
Of all the "Conan" ripoffs, THIS has got to be the best (or @ least MY fav).

Anonymous L1F3 said...
I ALMOST said, "what about STAR CRASH?!" but then realized, "oh yeah, #12..."


Totally reminiscent of "Xanadu".

Blogger Pedro said...
I totally need to rent this one.

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