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Friday, May 16, 2008
Directed by William Lustig. (owner of Blue Underground DVD!) This is quality trash.

When Robert Forester's son is killed by gang members he decides to join a special underground vigilante group made up of ex-cops. Revenge is sweet. Forester working outside the law & Fred Williamson is in it too...FUCK YEAH.

Fans of Death Wish need to check this out - cause these filthy punks need to be blown away with their jean jackets and cheesy haircuts.

Time to clean up the streets. It is the only answer. Who really has time for the courts to sort out these scumbags? Just take 'em down. Fred Williamson provides some bad dialogue to throw this over the top: "You gotta moral obligation, the right of self preservation! Now you can run, you can hide, or we can start to live like human beings again! This is our Waterloo, baby!" His delivery sucks. Maybe next time get a second take?

Top notch early 80's grind with a rooftop shoot out ending that's full of blood & awesomeness...

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