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Monday, May 26, 2008
Tagline: "Men call him Savage, women call him all the time!"

Savage is a mercenary played by James Inglehardt, a mercenary with some serious sideburns.

After being charged for a crime he didn't commit, Savage uses his cheesy karate skills and his all female commando squad (led by Carol Speed) to kill the bad guys.

This was helmed by Cirio H. Santiago. This guy has a great grindhouse resume under his belt. He also did T.N.T. Jackson which I reviewed earlier this month.

The soundtrack is definitely funky and there's plenty of nude scenes to boot. (I had to take this pic myself since there's nothing online for this flick!)At one point, Savage makes a molotov cocktail/flamethrower thing that kicks friggin' ass! Warning: cheesy trailer goodness ahead!

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