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Thursday, May 22, 2008
Jimmy Wang Yu is the White Dragon. A one man wrecking crew with his steel spear aka "six feet of silver death."

Sure, Wang Yu has been in a ton of classics, but this one is solid on the trash scale. Bad dubbing, missing footage, scratchy transfer, wacky sound effects...blaze it up cause it's all here.

The White Dragon must save the Chinese nation from tyrannical destruction all by himself. The leads us to a strong 30 minute grand finale of Wang Yu spearing suckers to death. Zero dialogue in the second half, just killing. That's the way I like it!

When our hero spears an enemy through the chest they don't bother to make it look real. It's the obvious hold the spear under the armpit trick.

The White Dragon fights General Tai in the final battle with a shocking ending.Another noteworthy thing is the horrible 80's prog rock song in the opening credits. The band is called Flood and the song soooo doesn't fit in this flick!

Another ass kickin' trailer...strictly droppin' gems on y'all.

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Anonymous L1F3 said...
Jimmy Wang Yu was one of the Shaw Bros leading men for a long time. I'm actually glad that this one showed up in America w/ the bad editing/dubbing/etc. because there are so many others that they did together which have been restored or kept clean & are available in the original language.

That Flood track is great too! But completely doesn't fit in the film.

I wonder why Jimmy hasn't made anything for a long time; someone should bring him back into the loop.

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