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Friday, May 23, 2008
I figured what better time than to post a Raiders rip-off? Specifically, an Italian Raiders rip-off. All the Indy-like elements are here: ancient boobytraps, rats, snakes and even a giant rolling stone! Some scenes are shots of miniatures (model train sets) that look like...well, miniatures.

This stars David Warbeck (Fulci's The Beyond) who looks a lot like Roger Moore.

We are stuck in a cave with the wannabe Indy and the wannabe Sallah character as seen in the pic below. The Sallah character rules. He's accidently funny and he has a lazy eye!Overall, this is a fun rip-off if your into the Indy series and looking for a good laugh. Here's the Italian trailer...

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Blogger Pedro said...
Funny - the Sallah character actually resembles Demholm Elliot's Dr. Brody. And that car stunt was kickass.

Anonymous L1F3 said...
The actor who plays the Sallah character i have been convinced for a few years now is actually Jack Elam in disguise. But it's tough to disguise a lazy eye...

I like the full English title of this one, "Ark of the Sun God...Temple of HELL!".

MArgheriti's awesome.

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