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Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Aka "Turkish Evil Dead."
This is another crazy Turkish flick which means its not dubbed and its not subtitled. It doesn't matter though. Hell, even if it was subtitled I really don't think it would matter as the scenes jump drastically all over the place. Also, the only reference to Evil Dead would be the camera shots runnin' thru the woods chasing after a man. Those shots do look Evil Dead influenced, but the rest of the flick is all about ninjas jumpin' all over the place and fighting with flimsy looking cardboard swords. In some scenes you can see the trampoline which actors used to create jump effects. It rules.
This movie stars Cuneyt Arkin (Turkish Star Wars) who is considered to be the Turkish Harrison Ford! From what I gathered watching it he plays an inspector that must track down the invisible ninjas that are randomly killin' people. The ninja master is hardcore - he can move rocks with his mind and make them explode. Lucky bastard.Damn, there's so much horrible awesomeness in this Turkish gem I could go on and on. Like when the ninja master turns into a burning rag doll or when the main characters randomly have different clothes on within the same scene. But continuity doesn't matter in the Turkish world and I highly recommend this flick. So go find it! Until that time - enjoy this scene, mofo's!

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Anonymous L1F3 said...
Cuneyt Arkin is one of my heroes. He's like the Chuck Norris of Turkey!
The ninjas have like old t-shirts w/ ragged eye-holes cutout & just stumble around everywhere. No wonder Arkin was the #1 karate expert in all of Turkey for years!

His work in "The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back" is classic.

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