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Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Directed by Godfrey Ho - who in my opinion is the Ed Wood of Asian cinema. He has been known to take 2 films, mash them together and create a new film. Cinema genius or lazy bastard? You decide.

Ninja The Protector is essentially the mother of all Godfrey Ho flicks. The main ingredient for Mr. Ho is casting American actor Richard Harrison. Who usually plays the Ninja Master.An Interpol officer (Harrison) is secretly a Ninja Master who must take down a counterfeiting ring and modeling school that is being operated by a cult of Evil Ninjas. Fuck yeah!

The dialogue is so bad - I guarantee you will be in shock. The Ninja outfits are so horrible - think pajamas. And every cheesy 80's Ninja weapon is used. Oh god, just thinkin' about it gives me a tingly sensation in my crotch and now I want to see it again...I love you Godfrey Ho, you're my hero!

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Anonymous L1F3 said...
This film is one of the best of Godfrey Ho's. I need a camo ninja outfit so bad i can TASTE it!

Sidenote - he now teaches film in Hong Kong.

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