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Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Aka "Ghetto Warriors"
Watts, CA is a motherfuckin' mess and when some stupid crackers try to run shit...look out cause the Black Gestapo is right there to stick it to the man! Damn, they would not make a flick like this ever again.These militant brothers take control of the ghetto and pull some white bitches to boot. One of which is Uschi Digard of Russ Meyer Supervixens fame. This flick doesn't cheat ya on skin - lots of titties and 70's bush...BAM!

A scene that will stick with ya involves the militant brothers bustin' into the evil honkies home. Then they chop off a certain thing you never want chopped off . Ouch!
The soundtrack is funky - lots of wah-wah guitar n' groovin' basslines. Too bad the DVD I have is in mono and the sound is shitty. Either way it's worth checkin' out - view the original theatrical trailer now cause its way over the top and waaaay badasssssss....

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Anonymous L1F3 said...
This has been one of my favorite Blaxploitation films for awhile now. The militant black youth of the time must have really been entertained by this one.

I was lucky enough to see a 35MM print of this screened at the New Beverly Cinema. There was an original one-sheet that the theatre had taped over the original title & replaced it with "Ghetto Warriors" presumably because "Black Gestapo" was not PC.

However the original title DOES describe the film much better as the militants begin to take on the characteristics of the Nazi Gestapo while in-fighting (& whitey of course) unravel the organization to their eventual demise. A good cautionary tale for young militants who could become a puppet rather than a protector.

Anonymous delicreep said...
Code Red is currently working on a DVD of Black Gestapo.

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