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Monday, June 2, 2008
The title says it all. This is the mother of all Dwarfsploitation films coming direct from Denmark. I'd say Terror of Tiny Town would be a close 2nd.

The Sinful Dwarf is so over the top with nudity, sex and disturbing images I had to watch something G rated after to try and erase it from my mind. To sum it up, a dwarf lures young women (with his creepy toy dolls) to his mother's attic where they are chained up and sold for sex. To top it off the dwarf has a Hitler accent. It just doesn't get any sleazier, folks.

Here's a nice shot of our dwarf friend playing with his stuffed animals.I felt dirty yet oddly turned on wathing this. Sure, I may be out of my head but some of these chicks he lures in are hot! Check the vid below for the creepy opening scene complete with a barking stuffed doggy. I feel dirty just thinking about it and I need a shower now!

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Anonymous L1F3 said...
So very, very sinful o' little dwarf...

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