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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
All you gonna do is mix Flashdance, The Exorcist & Enter The Ninja and POOF, you get this flick. An evil ninja attempts to avenge his death from beyond the grave, by possessing an innocent woman's body. This movie is 80's cheese to the max - Like gag me with a spoon!

The opening ninja action sequence is some serious business. Every trick is utilized blow darts, throwing stars, smoke bombs...its incredible. Then you get quality dialogue like: "Only a ninja...can destroy a ninja." & "You fool! You can not stop me! I am the ninja! No one, nothing can stop me!"

Lucinda Dickey (star of "Breakin") gets possessed and puts on the full outfit. Boo-ya!Oh yeah, then there's that ridiculous scene where she is having sex and decides to pour a can of V-8 down her chest which had me ROTFL.

Finally, I'm a big fan of anything released by The Cannon Group. It had to be said. They put out the best 80's shit, fo' sho, and Ninja III is no exception.

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Blogger so'c said...
This movie used to on cable a lot back in the day. I would watch it every time. Ninja posses hot chick ='s my attention.

Blogger Pedro said...
Yeah! About time Cannon got its propers. Their logo should have just been Chuck Norris' head.

Anonymous L1F3 said...
i love how they PROVE that only a Ninja can destroy a Ninja in the beginning when the LAPD hunt Sho Kosugi down with helicoptors & squad cars on the golf course then empty like a bajillion rounds into his chest & POOF! up in smoke (where'd he go?!).

Blogger Russ said...
I was lucky enough to catch this flick in the theatre when it came out. There was a part that scared me though when she was in bed and got possessed and was talkin' all funny w/ a deep voice. Anyway, it looks like Sho Kosugi is now filming "Return Of The Ninja" written by Steven DeSouza (good=Die Hard and bad=Beverly Hills Cop III) I hope this is supposed to be part of a continuing saga of the Ninja but his character name is Ohara?!? Huh?

Blogger Samuel Wilson said...
Ninjas practically define 80s trash. Why were these shadow warriors always running around in broad daylight and in the open in their not exactly inconspicuous outfits? Whatever happened to those "modern ninjas" with machine guns and hand grenades that Tetsuro Tanba was showing off in You Only Live Twice back in 1967? And where did ninjas get such a rep, anyway? I saw a Japanese movie from the early 60s where the hero (can't recall his name) was teamed with a Chinese martial artist, and the two of them just tore apart a bunch of ninjas. The Chinese guy would just walk up to them and put them down with a punch or chop. These ninjas were lame, but by the 80s they were the ultimate fighters. Did I miss something? Great blog, by the way.

Lucinda was dynomite in this movie the main attraction was her breaking a sweat in an crop top and a pair of gym shorts to music and getting hypnotised very sexy by her arcade machine before she grabbed her sword with that sexy look on her face . Frankie ninja smales smales tv uk

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