...We just cut up our girlfriend with a chainsaw. Does that sound "fine"?
MOTFG aka the sequel to the One Armed Boxer. Tagline: It's A Mean Machine - Cuts Your Head Off Clean!

That's right, I went for the kill today, you sexy MF's. It's the most classic grindhouse kung-fu flick, period. Written, directed and starring my main man Jimmy Wang Yu (I call him Jimbo) as the One Armed Boxer who must defeat the MOTFG who of course is also blind.

Non stop action, decapitations and the horrible chopsocky style dubbing that we've all grown to love. I won't watch a subtitled version of this. No fucking way.

Below is the Indian dude with really long arms. In fact, a handful of these characters were later ripped off by Capcom for the Street Fighter 2 video game.This sucka hits the gas from frame one and doesn't let the fuck bow down to the original theatrical trailer!

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Anonymous L1F3 said...
Jimbo is one of the best martial artists from the Grindhouse era, & MotFG is considered by most his best. If anyone out there likes Kung Fu & has NOT seen this...OMGWTFBBQbaconGigantorRabbet!

I was never a huge Street Fighter fan but seeing an Indian dude w/ super-stretchy arms in a Kung Fu film is a MUST SEE!

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