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Wednesday, May 7, 2008
Willie D is a muthafuck'n pimp extraordinaire. He keeps his bitches in check and picks up new ones on the regular. If I wasn't so white I'd be pimpin' hoes full-time instead of sitting in a shitty ass cubicle all day.
Sorry, got off track. Anyway, Willie D must go up against rival pimps and that's where a man has to make a decision. Either continue with the game or fly straight.

The brotha who played Willie D, Roscoe Orman, later in his career played Gordon on Sesame Street!

This movie showcases the most extravagant threads I've ever seen on a pimp. This ain't no new school shit. We're talking furs, bell-bottoms and a lot of jewelry.

Check out his hoes, notice he's got a good mix. Asian, black, redhead and even a mocha one for good measure!Here's a funky song from the soundtrack. (side note, the Wu-Tang Clan sampled this track for the song "Uzi Pinky Ring" from their Iron Flag record) Willie Dynamite Track.

This may not be as good as The Mack or Superfly, but its damn close. So don't be a square, peep this scene!

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Blogger so'c said...
I did a spit take when he walked in.

Anonymous L1F3 said...
I think that if more hoes unionized, the world would be a better place. But then, we wouldn't have any more Willy D's!!!

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