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Sunday, May 31, 2009
That's right bitches, The Daily Grindhouse is back! And back in black with the funk.

Here is Black Sister's Revenge aka Emma Mae. This fine film has a tagline of "Mess with her man and she'll bust your face."

Check tha plot..
.Emma's man may have beaten her up, but this dishy black sister still wants him back. The problem? How to get the green to spring him from the Big House. The solution? Rob a bank, of course!

This one is recommended. Find it on amazon for the price of three 40oz's n change. Right here.

The 70's afros and wild polyester are in effect in this flick. Damn, I want these threads. Ain't no muthafuckin' thrift shop in the world got these diggs. All gone with the times, my man.

Here's a big 10 minutes of this funky flick cause damn ninja, I don't play...

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