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Saturday, November 15, 2008
This is classic early 80's Hollywood hooker trash. The clothing alone is so fucking bad it's...well it's still bad. Members Only jackets, dolphin shorts and brothers with beaded cornrows. Oh yeah, it's like that.
The white pimp is named "Ramrod" and he is a hillbilly. His vehicle is a Bronco with Ramrod painted on the back. I immediately thought Kill Bill and the Pussy Wagon. The dialogue is also priceless. The hookers discuss golden showers and say things like: "Girl, these cum freaks are all alike...they wanna pop twice for the same price!" Watch the below vid for more 80's Hollywood hooker action!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Oh man, saw this in a drive-in on a double bill with Angel (1984) and dont forget the appearance of Fred (rerun) Berry as Sugar Pimp. Classic.

Blogger Samuel Wilson said...
That's a stupendous trailer. You can talk about 80s this and 80s that, but I question whether 80s culture had really manifested itself in movies yet by 1982. It was definitely about to happen and had certainly happened no later than 1983, but something like Vice Squad still looks more like a 70s movie to me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
MTV VJ Nina Blackwood had a bit part as a punching bag for Ramrod and was more convincing as a corpse in the morgue than her vj gig.

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