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Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Hmmmm...where do I begin on this freakin' title? Oh yeah, like every other film on my site this one is horrible. To sum it up: a construction worker hates dealing with his wife's terrible cooking so much he decides to choke her to death and stick her in the microwave. He continues to do this to every girl he comes across.

The lead actor who plays the microwavin' maniac is Jackie Vernon. Who is best known as the voice of Frosty the Snowman! After further research it appears he was also a stand up comedian for some of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. Which would also explain the bad one-liners he delivers throughout the flick. Here's an example:

Donald: I'm so hungry I could eat a whore.

Sam: Didn't I ever tell you about my hemorrhoids? They get really bad when it's humid, you know

May: Some men, you should know, still find me attractive
[starts rubbing herself]
Donald: How would I know them? I didn't attend the braille institute
The gore FX are sooo cheap n' cheesy lookin' I can't begin to explain it. Check out the beheaded wife below to see just how bad the FX are!One other important note: These is a lot of gratuitous nudity throughout. Yay! Titties, titties and more titties. All that being said...this cheesefest rocks. Highly recommended. (if you can find a copy!) Check out the clip below, mofo.

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Blogger geekzapoppin said...
Glad to see you back! I always enjoy the reviews.

Anonymous L1F3 said...
yeah, he sure was takin' his goddamn time huh...?

well, @ least he's coming correct w/ some real gems up in here!

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Blogger so'c said...
Is that the Costanza's?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What an incredible VHS box!

Blogger Russ said...
Haven't checked the site in a while cuz I was tired of seeing Dolemite. Anyway, glad to see some new additions like Vice Squad. Man, this was a must-see for the kids in our neighborhood during the earliest days of cable TV. And what can I say about Microwave Massacre? Worst/Best movie ever!

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