...We just cut up our girlfriend with a chainsaw. Does that sound "fine"?
Aka "Undead Pool"
Phew...that's one hell of a title (best I've stumbled across in a while) and only the Japanese can put together this wacky of a movie. To sum it up: A mysterious virus spreads throughout a girls' high school eventually turning everyone but the swim team into zombies. Now the swim team must fight to stay alive.
Two things happen in this J-sploitation flick. Zombies kill and lesbianism. If those things are your bag then this trash should not be thrown away.If I where to write the tagline for this flick it would go: First, the panty shots. Second, the blood sprays and finally the female swim team must kick ass!

No trailer on youtube at this time...

The only spot online to view this trailer is here. And its NSFW, so be careful, Mofo!

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