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Friday, June 6, 2008
Aka Supermen Donuyor. It's time for a Turkish rip-off! Honestly, do the Turkish know how to do anything else? And damn, when they do it - its horribly bad slash awesome.

Okay the IMDb plot summary will do the trick on this one: Born out of a Christmas ornaments-filled heaven, Turkish Superman fights the mob in order to save the day!

Another note worthy fact is the director's first name is Kunt. Wow. I wonder if that's a common Turkish first name?

Check out how douchey this Superman is. Do you think he can stick out his chest more?
The best part of old school Turkish cinema is the films aren't subtitled or overdubbed. Luckily, everything is a U.S. rip off!

Here's a montage of scenes from this bottom of the barrel trash:

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Blogger Russ said...
You gotta be kidding me

Blogger so'c said...
This film was still better than "Superman Returns."

Anonymous L1F3 said...
Agreed. WAY more entertaining than "Superman Returns".

I love the new wave beats they run during the "trailing the kidnappers" sequence. He actually uses a car most of the way rather than flying.

Oh! & hiding in a trunk to pop out & shoot the tire then hide some more so you can surprise the person when they go in the boot to get the spare?! pure genius. That is assuming they don't know the difference between a gunshot & a tire getting blown AND don't see you popping in/out of the trunk...

Also, seeing his original father as a white-haired babbling man (who's missing all the teeth on the upper-left side of his mouth!!!) was mind-blowing.

The Christmas tree ornaments used as planets & stars in the beginning
i think were leftover props from "The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back". Seriously.

Anonymous kemal Yildirim said...
Its good to see the Turkish exploitation films are still entertaining more and more fans. I grew up watching these Gems sweet sweet memories Have you seen "The man that saved the world" Turkish star wars classic trash Love the site by the way...

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