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Saturday, June 21, 2008
This craziness just came out on proper DVD release. So let the silliness begin.

Martial Arts mixed with 80's gymnastics n' cheese makes for an over the top lame premise and that's I'm all about. Damn, I wish my 34 old ass saw at the theatre. That's how I know I'm not perfect.

This dude is a total douchebag. Check it out.It sucks cause I love lame shit and now I gotta drop 20 bucks on this classic trash DVD. But Gymkata rules my boring world...thank god.

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Blogger Donnster said...
Awesome post! I remember this movie. How convenient that the gym horse was right there in that alley so he can kick ass!

Blogger so'c said...
You know I watched this shit at 2am back in the day. The best part - he runs into some village where everyone wears potato sacks for clothes and all they want to do is kill that gymnast twerp. But they give you no reason why?!

And you picked a good screen shot there, the village just happens to have a pommel horse, which is an artistic gymnastics apparatus for men (I had to look up the name, I ain't no gymnastic nerd).

Anonymous Anonymous said...
i love the inbred villagers! & besides the pommel horse there's all kinds of strategically placed poles & shit. I thought "Born To Fight" did the action-gymnast genre the best so far...

There was a vote for which title would get released a couple years back on Warner Bros. & a bunch of us voted for "Gymkata". Lo & behold, it was released. FINALLY!

Blogger Pedro said...
Man, look at that pommel horse.

Blogger Russ said...
I saw this masterpiece in theatres when it came out and even as a kid I thought it was strange how all of those poles and pommel horses just happened to be in the right place for his acrobatic ass-kicking. For some reason, the atmosphere and tone of this movie remind me of another movie I saw probably around this time called Treasure Of The Four Crowns. A Raiders rip-off. Some guy gets bit in the face by a big, fake snake. They both unsettle my stomach when I think about them.

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