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Wednesday, May 14, 2008
This is my favorite hixploitation film. I guess Walking Tall would be the overall fave in this category, but not for me.

White Line fever's title may come off like a drug reference when actually it's the fatigue a driver gets from a long trip with nothing to stare at but the repetitive lines on the road.

Jan-Michael Vincent plays a truck driver that has been pushed to his limit. Does he decide to haul illegal goods or do he stick it to the man? Oh, you know Jan decides to stick it to the motherfuckin' man!

Jan-Michael contemplates how he will take down his enemies. Will his truck be his weapon of choice?I saw this at Tarantino's 2 month Grindhouse event here in L.A. last year. Of course, it was his personal print and it was in near mint condition.

Watch this back-to-back with Rolling Thunder if you really want to get crazy. Until then, check the TV spot.

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Anonymous L1F3 said...
Hixploitation or Southern Discomfort films are alot of fun & Jan Michael Vincent is perfect in this one. The TV spot is excellent (Damon Packard used it for "Reflections of Evil").

For other great Hixploitation, check out "Big Bad John" [1990] w/ Jimmy Dean (YES, the suasage king) & "Ruckus in Maddoc County" [1981] starring Dirk Benedict ("Face" from A-Team) & Linda Blair.

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