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Thursday, May 8, 2008
What was best way to pick up chicks in 1977? Buy a van. But this ain't no ordinary van. This ones got a waterbed, a table, mirrors, a party cup holder, CB radio, shag carpets, a toaster and a killer 8-track! Heck, all you gotta do is wait for the hot (and very hairy) 70's women to flock your way.

The Van is a teen sex romp movie with all the fix-ins. Sex, pot smoking and a goofy lead character named Bobby. Check out his hair and his smile. What a douche! Also, Danny DeVito plays the manager of the local car wash. Every 70's comedy needs a car wash manager and DeVito delivers the goods and when I say goods I mean he supplies the beer and pot. He's a nice little man.

So put on your sweetest leisure suit (I have a green one) and watch this quick 24 second trailer.

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Blogger Pedro said...
Yo - my brother had the one-sheet for this on the wall of our swinging 90s bachelor pad. Yo.

Blogger so'c said...
I'm pretty sure that guy driving the van is the same guy who went on a date with Marsha Brady (Charlie I think)when she accidentally made 2 dates at the same time. It's also the ep where she gets fucked in the face with a football. He was the wimpy guy, not the jock stud.

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