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Friday, May 30, 2008
I'll get right to the point as usual. The best part of Chinese Hercules is the Hercules character, Bolo Yeung.

Bolo isn't the star of this movie. One would get confused since he's the main attraction. He isn't in the flick that much, but when he is it's waaay over the top!

A kung fu master (Chen Wei Min) works on a dock where the owner is a real prick. His main henchman is the Chinese Hercules and he a nasty motherfucker. He beats anybody that gets in his way including women! Eventually, the kung fu master decides he must try to fight back.

Yeah, it's gonna take a friggin' log to try and beat down the Chinese Hercules!I'm definitely not steering ya wrong what I say watch this trailer. It's gives ya all the good shit.

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Blogger Pedro said...
I'm starting to think you're making these movies up from scratch.

Blogger The Vault Master said...
Hahahahaha. No way in hell! All of these wonderful films exist. And one day, they will all be MINE!

Anonymous L1F3 said...
Dig deeper man, they're ALL there...

I had seen some shitty VHS rips of "Chinese Hercules" until i was lucky enough to catch it at the New Beverly Cinema when Tarantino took over the place for a couple months. What a treat! An original one-sheet was hanging in the window & the crowd was hyped, excellent grindhouse experience.

Sidenote; Bolo Yeung got all ripped from carrying fish as a young boy from river to market w/ a pole & 2 buckets. Dude's a BEAST!

In this film he really gets brutal on some *coolies & it takes some serious action sequences to take him down...

*NOT the ethnic slur but the antiquated term used for labourer.

Blogger so'c said...
Gotta agree with these guys Pedro, All of these films exist.

Blogger Pedro said...
OK - you all have won this battle. But I'll be back!

Blogger The Vault Master said...
You can get this movie via bittorrent at I'm currently downloading "Chinese Hercules" and "Barracuda." (No, not the song by "Heart," but a lousy "Jaws" rip-off!)

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