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Monday, September 1, 2008
I know that's a fuckin' awesome film title, right? This is sooooo bad and we're talkin' Robo Vampire levels here. (see Robo Vampire below for more on that) Catman is another cut n' paste flick by by my main man Godfrey Ho. Check out the cute kitty Catman logo - real tough for a superhero...meow:The plot (if there is one) is best put together by some mofo on IMDb: One half of the movie follows a guy named Sam and his friend Gus. Sam gets scratched by a radioactive cat in a fight with some wacky drug addicts and achieves amazing super powers. He then puts on a stupid costume and decides to fight some bad guys using his new powers, including a crazed priest named Cheever. The other half of the movie is a about a whole bunch of Asian people that are just beating each other up for no reason, including a tall guy with an eyepatch and a woman that looks like a man. They have no real purpose in the movie, and seem to just be throw in.Sam figures out he has the radioactive Catman abilities when he is able to turn the TV on and off by pointing at it. Then he lights a cigarette with his mind. And the rest is bad cinema history. Check out the scene posted below for more Catman and if ya really want more you can do a double feature with the sequel: Catman in Boxer's Blow. I know, I couldn't believe it either.

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Anonymous L1F3 said...
OMG! i can't believe this is the original to "Catman in Boxer's Blow" !!!

i love that film & didn't realize it was a sequel....
thanks again Tommy!

Blogger jakeumms said...
Who the fuck brings a rock to a gun fight? Seriously...

Gotta love the cat-howl setting on that synthesizer, though!

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