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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
From Asian B-Movie film producer/ director Tomas Tang; head of Filmark International. Tomas originally worked with Godfrey Ho in the early 80's before splitting and makin' his own cut-n-paste cinema. Tang's cut-n-paste style is horrible and a fuckin' mess.

Robo Vampire has a Thai revenge subplot cut into it. Which I discovered is actually a film called "Golden Triangle." But never mind that subplot. (you can fast forward all that shit) The reason to watch this is for the cheesy Robocop rip off element. This guy's Robocop outfit looks like it was made with tin foil and junkyard trash. The junkyard trash - robocop man must destroy the evil Asian drug lord who is hiding his drug stash within a group of hopping vampires!
Here's an example of the awesome dialogue:

"Now that Tom is dead, I want to use his body to create an android-like robot. I'd appreciate you approving my application."
- Bearded Guy

"You're assured of success?"
- Glen

- Bearded Guy

"Okay. It's approved."
- Glen

Then 30 seconds later this Robo-rip off is in full effect, homie.

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Blogger Russ said...
Dude, I don't know how you watch some of these movies from beginning to end. What is that antenna for anyway on FauxBoCop's head? You should make your own movie.

Anonymous L1F3 said...
"FauxBoCop" LMFAO!
good one...

when i first saw this film the first thing i thought was "How was Godfrey Ho involved?". Thanks for clearing that up Tommy!

btw - hopping vampires/zombies/ghosts are real common in Chinese horror. i wish someone could explain THAT!

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