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Monday, August 4, 2008
A man unleashes an ancient curse that possesses the left hand of anyone that gets in its way. The only way for a possessed person to free themselves from this torment is to cut off their left hand after which it scurries away in search of its next victim.
Sam Raimi definitely saw this before penning Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn. And that is probably the only reason to waste 78 minutes of your life watching this. I guess that and to see Russ Meyer hottie Haji strut her stuff around in a few scenes.

Another funny ass scene involves Samantha Eggar having a discussion with a mine worker as to the sex of a mine and whether mines get jealous. So fuckin' ridiculous - a definite WTF please rewind that scene moment. Here's the theatrical trailer which is also featured on 42nd Street Forever Volume 3. A must have trailer compilation for any Grindhouse fan!

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Anonymous Beavis said...
Man, this has got to be one of the worst cases of a shit film/Amazing poster I've ever seen. Someone told me all the stuff on the poster happens in the first five minutes. What they failed to mention is that fuck all else happens until the end credits.

Blogger ricky said...
this film certainly influenced Raimi.
It's boring throughout most of it though. All shot in Mexico.

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