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Monday, July 21, 2008
Aka "18 Shaolin Disciples & "Killer Fists." I dig this chopsocky flick cause is super gimmicky. The protagonist is equipped with weapons called the "bloody birds"- a three bladed spinning device that can cut down trees (which the filmmakers never miss an opportunity to show it doing). The weapon is super cool and they also use a awesome sound effect every time its thrown. There's also chains with discs, chains with daggers, swords...yeah, its some weapon heavy shit.
Also, there aren't many slow spots in this one - it moves quickly. The production budget was obviously very low and cheap looking which makes it even funnier.
The body count is 60. Crazy badass shit. This cheap trailer cut for DVD release gives ya a nice lil sample...

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Blogger Pedro said...
I have not seen this movie!

Anonymous L1F3 said...

it's a must-see for sure. All the weapons are sick & it's super-bloody.

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