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Friday, June 27, 2008
"Put your weight on it! Put your weight on it!" Rudy Ray Moore plays disco DJ extraordinaire Tucker Williams aka The Disco Godfather.

This ghetto ass flick turns into a PCP drug binge nightmare when a disco dancer at the Blueberry Hill discotheque freaks out on the shit! Some scenes are creepy slash scary on the "Damn, I feel like I'm gonna hallunicate" tip.

DJ Tucker Williams knows how to throw a party, don't forget your bellbottoms and platform shoes, y'all.Rudy Ray has a few moments where he incorporates his classic filthy raps, horrible acting and kung fu. It's time to get funky and get down with the Disco Godfather.

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Anonymous L1F3 said...
This is one of the best Rudy Ray Moore films, hands down. So much PCP!!!

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The best in exploitation cinema from kung-fu to horror to afrocentric. 70's style. Ya' stupid muthafucka!