...We just cut up our girlfriend with a chainsaw. Does that sound "fine"?
Everybody knows about John Holmes and his 14-inch penis. This ugly motherfucker is a classic adult "film" star, drug addict and egomaniac. All of this is evident while watching this doc.

This is pro-John Holmes as it is directed by his admirer Julia St. Vincent. It is also obvious that Paul Thomas Anderson used this film as a reference for "Boogie Nights." Actually, more than a reference - some of it looks like it was identically lifted. Dirk Diggler's life mirrors John Holmes' and Amber Waves' mirrors Julia St. Vincent's.
This flick is laced with XXX scenes from John's ya get a lot of shots of his dick along with that full 70's bush. His most famous flicks were the Johnny Wadd series. The Wadd character was a private "dick" tryin' to solve various crimes and fuck women.This was shot in the beginning of John's heavy drug period and just before becoming a dope fiend, crook, murder suspect, and finally, AIDS victim. Here's a work friendly vid of the classic doc...

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Blogger Pedro said...
Wow, PT either recreated that set or bought the original. I wonder if Luiz Guzman is just out of shot behind the bar.

Anonymous L1F3 said...
Seriously, i think Guzman's uncle was there that day...


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