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Wednesday, July 9, 2008
The Killer and Hard Boiled are great Chow Yun Fat flicks, but God of Gamblers has a warm place in my heart for being so freakin' badass and unique.

Chow plays a master gambler who hits his head and suffers from amnesia. Trick is...the only way for him to remember is by eating chocolate. Then, he's magically on point again! Writer/director Wong Jing is the mastermind behind this gem and he delivers a solid balance of drama, comedy and action.I highly recommend this as a double feature with Stephen Chow's All for The Winner. Yes, it's a GOG spoof. And until you get that chance - check out this awesomeness:

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Anonymous L1F3 said...
i love how the film just flips from hardcore Triad action to daytime comedy soap opera...

one of Chow Yun-Fat's best imho.

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