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Thursday, June 12, 2008
This truly has to be seen to be believed! A mob enforcer confined to a wheelchair takes the law into his own hands.

This cripple's wheelchair is pimped out with ninja stars and 2 double barreled shotguns. Hardcore! He also has enough upper body strength to fuck up people with his torso if need be.

This crazy flick also has barroom brawls, drag queens and an afro-american dwarf. Jackpot!Another great thang about this is the clothing. All raggedy dime store polyester, my friend.

This is my favorite highlight from Mr. No Legs in all its double amputee glory...

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Anonymous L1F3 said...
i've always been fond of the title "They Call Him Mr. No Legs" because it's got the revenge element of "They Call Her One Eye".

I love the part when Ted Vollrath does some karate-chopping & then tackles not one but TWO thugs into the pool & proceeds to whoop em. Also, the catfight in the bar is superb.

It's worth noting that Vollrath was an Special Olympic gold winning swimmer.

Blogger so'c said...
Yet another casting session I wish I was a part of. I

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